Stones – Junior mattress

The Multispring® mattress made to last. 

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Discover the advantages of Stones – Junior mattress

Children have lots of energy and are always ready to do things. To help them recovery at night and avoid feeling tired during the day, they need a firm mattress. A firm mattress will help with their bloodstream, which helps to feel full of energy every morning. 

Transition to bed

Level 2/3.

It facilitates the transition from the crib to the bed and adapts to the child's growth.


Level 3/3.

Venting channels let air freely flow. Risk of suffocation decreased

How to choose a mattress for children?

A junior mattress has to help the transition from the crib to the bed and must adapt to the child's growth. Also the mattress should let air freely flow.



This mattress does incorporate anti-mite and antibacterial treatments.

Oeko Tex Certificate


STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, number 20170K0745. This guarantees that the materials are free from chemicals. This will avoid allergies and breathing problems. 


The Multispring® core provides a good level of firmness and adaptability. No pressure felt while sleeping.   

HR Oxygen foam. Very breathable and helps to dissipate humidity. Safer, healthier and deeper sleep.


The supersoft 3D fabric lets air freely flow. This helps to reduce CO2 on the mattress, controls temperature and humidity.

The padding of the mattress includes ViscoSoft. This visco provides a zero-gravity feeling and adapts to any body shape. Children sleep better and deeper with ViscoSoft.


Recommended 12/18 years old. 

Summer & Winter side


This mattress does not have summer and winter side.


23 centimeters.


Fabrics are washable. 

Kids Complements


Waterproof and breathable




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