Pigü – Cot mattress

With Pigü we have the perfect soft, safe and cool mattress.

Select size
Measure the cradle's internal hole first.

For example, if it measures 120x60, select the size 117x57 to leave enough space for the bedding and possible margin of error in the measure of the mattress.

Tolerance of + - 1cm.
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Discover the advantages of Pigü – Cot mattress

With Pigü we have the perfect balance of cooling feeling, satefy and softness. It has been developed with the lastest technology available to meet all the standards and ensure a safe and deep sleep. Pigü is one of the best options for babies.


Level 3/3

Effective in preventing sudden changes in temperature.

Plagiocephaly protection

Level 2/3

Effective in preventing flat head syndrome. 

How to choose a Cot Mattress?

The mattress should reduce as much as possible the pressure on the baby's head to avoid head deformity detected in 46.6% of the cases analysed. It should also facilitate constant airflow  to reduce sudden changes in temperature.

Health Certificate


Certified by The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices as a sanitary product to prevent plagiocephaly and sudden infant death.

Oeko Tex Certificate


STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, number 20170K0745. This guarantees that the materials are free from chemicals. This will avoid allergies and breathing problems. 



This mattress does not contain organic materials.



This mattress does incorporate anti-mite and antibacterial treatments.


We have a core in the shape of bubbles or spheres that create air channels and adapt to the baby’s head and weight. The baby rests on a comfortable mattress that ensures a good sleeping quality.


The case is made of 3D super soft fabric, that guarantees air flow. This fabric is good to stop heat build-up and the baby will soundly sleep all night long.


Recommended 6/24 Months. Although it can be used until the change to the bed.

Summer & Winter side


This mattress does not have summer and winter side. 


12 centimeters.


The zipper is very handy. It allows us to remove the mattress case and wash it at home whenever needed. The baby will always sleep on a clean and healthy surface.

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Kids Complements

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fitted sheet
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