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Amazing baby & junior mattresses

Our high quality products are made with tons of love, best quality fabric and very specials cores. That provides confidence to the parents about the best product for their children.

Awesome packagings

Our rolled up packing work for you in the shops as they can be used as a display where new parents can check all the features and make their decision. This packaging increases sales over 30% vs flat packaging.

Great marketing support

Our fantastic team has developed lots of marketing resources to make the selling easier in the shops and online:

  • Podiums for product shows.

  • Tablets with apps for easy selection of the perfect mattress.

  • Fantastic website with customer reviews that can be used online even in the client’s online shops or offline in stickers or price labels.

  • Videos and nice original pictures.

Spectacular training videos

Fabulous training videos focused not only in the product features but in the way to sell them easily, with selling techniques. The videos include lot of advices to increase sales.

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