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Why place your trust in Ecus Kids?

We go beyond offering the world’s first mattress that develops with your child. Here are some of key points that you should know about Ecus.
Made in Europe
Ecus is one of Spain’s leading manufacturers. All of its mattresses are crafted in Europe using materials that have been sourced in the European Union.
Quality and environment certification
The company has obtained the duel certificates of ISO 9001 for Total Quality Management and ISO 14001 for environmental concern.
As a member of the technological institute CETEM and an active member of pan-european research projects, Ecus has profound understanding of the bedding industry. It develops its projects through its own R&D&I department and holds numerous patents.
Solar panels installed at the company’s main plant enable it to produce more electricity than it uses, which is then funnelled to the national grid to offset carbon.
Social responsibility
Ecus collaborates with Intermon Oxfam in its projects around the world along with other NGOs.
Learning to sleep
As a member of ASOCAMA, the company helps to promote the importance of sleep.